Medical Class XII


This course is offered to XII studying students and would involve extensive coverage of PMT curriculum. This course will be available only in regular option as it requires more time to cover the syllabus of class XII & XI in about 8-9 months span. The classes will be conducted on Saturday/Sunday during summer/winter breaks.

No. of Class Room Hours 480 hrs
Frequency of Classes 4 days a week
Class duration No. of Classes in day 2 hours (2 Classes per day)
Testing Pattern (i)Progressively fortnightly tests on Saturday or Sunday
(ii)Phase test on CBSE pattern ,PMT on Saturday and Sunday

Note : The hours indicated are exclusive of testing & discussion time and are exclusively for classroom teaching.

Eligibility: Passed class XI and entering in class XII.

Aim for: PMT 2017, National & International Olympiads.

Course Commencement : April, May’ 2016 (upto 15th May)

Course Ends: Jan’ 2017.

Additional Benefits: Mock Class XII Boards Tests, WITS-M

Admission Criterion:

(a) Admission-cum-scholarship test (ACST) (b) Direct Admission.

Scholarship Offered: Upto 100%

Course Fee: Rs. 90,000 + Service tax

Payment Options:(i) Lump sum payment of a year (5% discount “Addition Fee”) (ii) (a) Rs. 50,000 + ST at the time of admission (b) Rs. 20,000 + ST after 2 months from admission date (c) Rs. 20,000 + ST after 4 months from admission date

• All payments will be made through cheques in favour of

“Whizdom Educare Pvt. Ltd”.

• Post-dated cheques have to be submitted at the time of admission for installment option.