The program has been designed to lay a stronger foundation of fundamentals & basic concepts of science and maths. The key aspect of the program is to develop the thinking ability in a student, with the support of his/her teachers/parents/guardians, as well as they must be able to think independently.

The success in future depends on how you think about a give problem/situation and whether you are equipped to handle it or not. This program will ensure to achieve both these aspects.

Regular Batches Weekend Batches
No. of Class Room Hours Class X : 270 hrs. Class VIII : 270 hrs.
Frequency of Classes 3 days a week 2 days a week
Class conduction Days of the Week Weekdays Saturday/Sunday
Class Duration & no. of classes in a day 1 hour and 30 minutes (2 Classes/Day) 1 hour and 30 minutes (3 Classes/Day)
No. of Phases Class X : 3 Phase Class X : 3 Phases
Testing Pattern Progressive tests every weeks
phase tests after the completion of each phase.
Quizzes every 2 weeks.

Note : The hours indicated are exclusive of testing & discussion time and are exclusively for classroom teaching.

Eligibility : Passed class VII & entering in Class VIII.

Aim For : Olympiads, National & International Olympiads.

Course Commencement : April, May, June, July’ 2016 (upto 15th July)

Course Ends: Classes for VIII will end by first week of Feb’ 2017.

Admission Criterion:

(1) Admission-cum-scholarship test (ACST)
(2) Direct Admission.

Scholarship Offered:Upto 100% on Tuition Fee.

Course Fee: Rs. 40,000 + Service tax

Payment Options: (I)Lump sum payment of a year (5% discount “Addition Fee”)
(II)(a) Rs. 25,000 + ST at the time of admission
(b) Rs. 15,000 + ST after 2 months from admission date

• All payments will be made through cheques / Demand Draft / Pay Order in favour of

“Whizdom Educare Pvt. Ltd”.

• Post-dated cheques have to be submitted at the time of admission for installment option.