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This program enhances logical thinking, increases Mental Ability and IQ. This program also helps students to understand Science and Maths significantly.

Students who joined this program has shown good results in National level Scholastic Tests such as NTSE for class Xth, International Level Olympiads in Mathematics and Junior Science and Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO).


(a) Course will be covered in 3 Phases.

(b) Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Mathematical and Mental Ability will be covered.

No. of Class Room Hours Frequency of Classes Class duration & No. of Classes in day No. of Phases Testing Pattern
Regular Batches Class VI : 200 hrs. 3 days a week 1 hour (2 Classes/day) Class VII : 3 Phase Progressive Regular testes
Weekend Batches Class VI : 200 hrs. 2 days a week 1 (3 Classes/day) Class VII : 3 Phases

Advantage of this Course:

i. Start early and best the competition.

ii. Optimum Utilization of Available time.

iii. Students are given mock up test for coming competition exams and hence their chances of scoring well increases.

Aim for:NTSE, International Level Olympiads in Mathematical, Junior Science and Regional Mathematics Olympiads (RMO)

Course Commencement : April, May, June & July.

Course Ends: December

Admission Criterion:

(1) Direct Admission: Contact nearest centre.
(2) Admission – cum- scholarship test (ACST)

Scholarship Offered: 100% off on tuition fee basing on ACST

Course Fee:Rs. 35,000/- + Service Tax

Payment Options: (I) Lumpsum payment.
                                (II) Installment Payment Options.

All payments will be made through cheques in favour of

“Whizdom Educare Pvt. Ltd”.

• Post-dated cheques have to be submitted at the time of admission for installment option.